Things to remember after publishing a meeting pack

After your meeting pack’s been published, here’s a useful list to help your meeting run smoothly:

🟢 Immediately after publishing

  • Are any attendees new Knowa users? If so, email them to let them know they should have received an invitation email from Knowa.If they haven’t, and if it’s not caught in their SPAM filter, suggest they contact
  • Don’t forget that Meeting Pack Admins won’t receive an email when it’s published, so you’ll need to contact them as well if they’re not aware that you have published the meeting pack.

3️⃣ 3 days before the meeting

  • Have all attendees accessed the pack? Click on Meeting Settings > Manage attendees and use the Last seen column to check if all attendees have accessed Knowa since the meeting pack was published.Consider checking-in with those that haven’t, as they may be experiencing issues.

🆕 Informing attendees of updates

  • Once published, you can still update and amend the meeting pack. Just remember that when you do, attendees will be notified by email of recent updates, with the notification email being sent each day at 10am and 3pm.

📵 Viewing meeting pack offline

  • Do you expect any attendees to be viewing the meeting pack offline? If so, they’ll need to log into Knowa after you’ve published any updates to the pack, to ensure their offline version is synced with the latest version. Tip: You can use the Last seen feature above to identify anyone why may have an out-of-date meeting pack saved on their device.

💻 How the meeting will be run

  • Will someone be expected to share their screen as you go through the material? If so, make sure the individual knows that their private annotations will also show up. Consider sending them a clean pdf version if needed

If attendees have any issues, please refer them to the Help centre for help with common problems, or they can contact

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