If you're having issues with the formatting and appearance of text when posting messages or adding agenda item descriptions in meeting packs, these tips may help.

Try pasting as plain text

When copying text from a website or document, it can contain a lot of custom formatting. Use Ctrl+shift+V (cmd+Shift+V on macs) to paste the text without any formatting.

Clear Formatting

Another option for achieving this is to clear the formatting of the pasted text by selecting all of it (Ctrl+A or cmd+A) and using the Clear Formatting button which is the first one in the toolbar.

If this doesn't work, use the first option above to past as plain text.

Paste from Word / Excel Document

If you're copying text from a Microsoft document such as Word or Excel, Knowa will recognise this and ask if you wish to Keep the original formatting. If the result is not as expected, try deleting the text and selecting Clean.

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