If you are looking to print a document in the collaboration space, view Printing documents in Discussions and Groups

If you wish to print the whole meeting pack you should Export the pack to pdf.

To print a single document from the meeting pack, open the document and select CTRL+P (Windows) / CMD+P (Apple). Ensure you have the document selected

The document will prepare for printing followed by the browser print dialogue.

If you wish to print a selection of pages from the document, simply customise the pages in the print dialogue window.

Not working as expected?

Seeing an error?

  • out of Bounds page reference, limit is 1 - If you're trying to print one or several pages from the document, ensure you are selecting page numbers within the limit of the document - i.e. if the document has 4 pages, you cannot select page 5 to be printed.
  • You may also be trying to print the webpage rather than the document. Select the fullscreen button on the document toolbar to ensure you are focusing on the document and use CTRL+P again.

Nothing happens

  • If no print dialogue opens, it may be blocked by your browser. Do you have an ad blocker or other privacy tool active? If so, please whitelist *.knowa.co to ensure the Knowa app can behave as expected. We promise we don't track you unnecessarily.

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