You can start a chat with one or many people in Knowa simply by accessing the Chat tab at the top of your sidebar.

Direct Chats are private to the users in each chat and are therefore independent of any organisation that you are a member. The content can never be accessed by anyone other than the chat participants.

Start a Chat

Simply click Start Chat and select the people you wish to have a chat with. Once selected, click Confirm.

Can I add people to a chat?

Once a chat is formed, no other user can be added. If you wish to start a new chat with additional people, click on the names of the people in the current chat and then click add new people.

This will open a Start Chat modal as before, with the users from your current chat preselected. Now choose the additional users you wish to add and click Confirm.

Who can I chat with?

You can view and chat with anyone on Knowa that you share a Collaborative Space or Meeting Pack with.

Note that Guests cannot see or chat with another user if they do not share Group membership with that person.

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