Below is a full breakdown of each permission level and the permissions and restrictions applied to each. If you are unsure of anything, please contact us and we will help you.


Guests are likely to be advisers and other limited access users. Guests can only:

Guests cannot see or access:

  • a group or agenda item if they are not a member of it,
  • a person that they do not share a group membership with,
  • an archived discussion that was archived prior to them joining the group.


Members are general users and are likely to be board directors, employees etc. Members can also:

Space and Meeting Pack Admins

Admins are likely to be scheme secretaries, professional trustees or pensions consultants and are those users who can maintain and manage the Collaborative Space or assemble Meeting Packs. They can also:

Organisation Admins / Owners

Organisation Admins are likely to be the super users of the Knowa platform within an organisation or internal IT users. They have complete control of the organisationā€™s account. Org admins can:

We will soon be launching the ability for Org admins to also:

  • Create new Collaborative Spaces,
  • Access and edit all Spaces and Meeting packs,
  • Manage user access across all Spaces and Meeting packs,
  • Add or remove other Organisation Admins.
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