When you use Knowa Meeting Packs, you have the option of activating offline viewing, giving you access to meeting content and documents when you're on the move.

Knowa ensures these packs remain up to date by automatically synchronising when you next go online.

Make available offline

There are two ways to make your meeting pack available offline:

1. Inside the Meeting pack itself, click the Make available offline button at the top of the agenda sidebar.

2. Find the meeting in your 🏠 Home overview and click the ellipses to the right of the meeting and click Make available offline.

Can’t see these options? See troubleshooting below


1. Once you click ‘Make available offline’ the meeting pack will begin to download, indicated by an amber syncing icon.

2. When complete, a green synchronised icon will display in various locations in the app.

Do not go offline before the cloud icon has turned green, indicating that the meeting pack has completed synchronising.

FAQs and issues:

Can’t see an option to 'Make available offline'?

  • If you’re an admin, ensure the Meeting Pack is Published
  • It must be an upcoming meeting. You cannot save a pack for a meeting that has passed.
  • You must be using the app if accessing Knowa via your mobile or tablet. See this tutorial on how to install the mobile app.

Can’t see the agenda sidebar?

  • Is it collapsed? If you’ve collapsed the agenda sidebar you can view it again by clicking the Agenda icon:
  • If you’re on a mobile or another narrow screen device, the agenda sidebar is often hidden to conserve space. Save the meeting pack for offline viewing from the Home page instead.

Has the synching appeared to stop before completion?

  • If the synching appears to have stopped on the amber icon, you can navigate to another page (e.g. Home or the Meeting pack depending on what page you are currently on) to confirm the synchronised status.

Why can't I post a message when I am offline?

  • Knowa only allows access to saved meeting packs when you are offline. Access to discussions and the posting of new messages is unavailable.
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