See also Tailoring your meeting pack view and Annotating meeting packs

1. The top navigation gives you the ability to switch between viewing the meeting pack and viewing the attendees of the meeting. (Admins of the meeting pack can also access the Create meeting pack section.)

2. The Agenda sidebar gives you an overview of all the items in the meeting pack. Depending on your permission level you might see the whole agenda, or only certain items.

3. Click on an item or document to jump straight to it in the meeting pack

4. View the item details, description and attendees. (See Annotating meeting packs for a tour of the document viewer.)

5. Skip to the next or previous item and document using the left and right navigation arrows.

6. Updates made to the meeting pack since you last viewed it, appear in the agenda sidebar with gold dots.

7. You may also only be attending some items - if this is the case you'll see the other items labelled as Not attending.

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