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1. Add agenda items

2. Add duration

The start times of items will be automatically calculated.

3. Add summaries / descriptions

Insert tables, images or other content to provide context to the item.

4. Add documents

Upload multiple files to each item. See FAQs below for supported file types.

Rearrange the document order by dragging and dropping them.

Click on a document to preview it.

5. Add sub items

Add additional sub items inside a main agenda item.

Fill out the sub item details in the same way as the main agenda items.

See FAQs below for tips on adding durations to sub items.

Sub items will be nested below the parent agenda item.

6. Add Break items

Add simple breaks in the meeting for coffee or lunch or use as marker for the end of the meeting.

7. Reorder items

Drag and drop items to reorder the agenda. Start times and agenda numbering will be automatically adjusted.

8. Custom numbering

Add custom numbering to your agenda items.

Use any prefix followed by any number to define a new starting number.

9. Add attendees to items

See Managing attendee access to agenda items

Frequently asked questions and tips

Adding a duration to sub items

If you wish to assign a start time to a sub item, note that it will start after the end of the parent item - so if the parent item duration is 1 hour, the sub item will start at the end of that hour.

If you wish for the sub item to start immediately after the previous agenda item, simply leave the parent item duration blank.

Support for different document / file types in meeting packs

We support PDFs, MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

Note that for spreadsheets, we use the print area within the document to display the content on a page in the final meeting pack, and will create a page for each sheet within the document.

Password protected files

We don't allow password protected files to be added to meeting packs as it can be confusing for attendees. Knowa is a secure platform so the viewing of confidential information within a meeting pack does not needs additional security.

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