Here’s a quick check-list to make sure you’re ready to publish your meeting pack:

  1. Are agenda items correctly numbered?
  2. Is the duration of each item sensible?
  3. Are Breaks/Lunch scheduled at sensible times?
  4. Are all the agenda item descriptions correct? Tip: use the View tab to check what the pack will look like.
  5. Is each attendee correctly recorded as Present / Apologies / In Attendance? Tip: use the Attendees tab to see how everyone has been assigned.
  6. Are attendees’ permission levels correct? Tip: go to Meeting Settings and Manage Attendees to see everyone’s permission levels.
  7. Ensure only the right people have access to each agenda item. Tip: View the meeting pack before publishing to view the attendees for each item.
  8. If you've uploaded any spreadsheets to the pack are they displaying correctly? Tip: Don’t forget that Knowa converts the Print Area in every excel tab into a pdf.
  9. Is the start date, time and location correct?
  10. Consider adding an agenda item 0 with details on how to join the online meeting or how to access the building if meeting in person. Tip: Start the items from 0 using Meeting Settings > Change Numbering.
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