If you’re an Admin of a meeting pack you have responsibility for managing the attendee and their access.

You can set their permission level and attendee type by clicking on the ellipsis icon next to an attendee and selecting Change Attendee type / Change Permission.

Manage attendee permission levels

As an Admin you can set each person's meeting pack permission level:

  • Guest: once published, can only view agenda items and contents of sections to which they have access
  • Member: once published, can see all agenda items, but only the contents of sections to which they have access
  • Admin: can view, create and amend all content, and view once published

See also: For a full list of permissions across Knowa, see Understanding User Permissions.

Manage attendee type

You will also want to set each attendee's type depending on whether they should be listed as:

  • Present or Apologies (usually a board member),
  • In Attendance (all other attendees),
  • Access Only (to grant access to agenda items but not be listed as an attendee).

See also: Invite Attendees and Manage access to agenda items.

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