Step 1

Adding a new meeting pack

Adding a new meeting pack is easily done by clicking [+] next to the relevant Organisation and selecting Meeting Pack.

Only Organisation Admins can add new Meeting Packs. If you can’t see the [+] sign next to your organisation but believe you should, please contact Knowa Support and we’ll be able to assist you.

You can have multiple Meeting Pack Admins, so you can collaborate in real time on building the pack itself (see Building a meeting pack).

Step 2

Agenda & attendees quick start

Before you fill in some basic details on timing and location you’ll have the option to copy across the agenda and/or attendees from historical meeting packs or from templates you’ve previously created.

Step 3

Meeting details and Committee / tags

When adding the meeting you can also add an optional Board / Committee tag to help differentiate meetings. This assigns a visual label to the meeting pack which helps you filter and search on the Home > Meetings page.

Start typing to create a new one or choose from an existing tag.

Rename Tags

To rename a new tag just delete the tag and type it again. To rename an existing tag, click the ellipses next to the tag in the dropdown. This will rename the tag for all meetings that it has been applied to.

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