Knowa displays unread badges within Knowa to help show you where there have been updates.

New Message Dot and Counter

If you are a member of a Group, any new messages sent within the Group's Discussions will be displayed using a Red dot and message counter.

These will be displayed across the sidebar, navigation and group card, as well as in your browser's tab.

See also: Mute Groups

New Mention / Actionable Message Dot & Counter

If you are mentioned in a message or asked to complete an action such as a vote, you will see a Gold dot and message counter.

Note if you need to complete an action, the gold dot and marker will persist until you have voted or marked the message as read.

Tip: When you navigate to a discussion with a mention, the message will flash up immediately upon coming into view to help you find the relevant message.

See also: Mentioning someone in a discussion

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