Notification of needing to vote

When you have been asked to vote in a Knowa discussion, you will notice a gold notification badge in the Knowa interface. This denotes that you have a message that requires an action from you.

Navigating to the discussion will take you to the message which requires your attention. 

You will also likely receive an email notification informing you of the request to vote, unless you vote within a couple of minutes of the vote being initiated.

Casting a vote

To cast a vote simply select one of the three options at the bottom of the message:
👍 Yes  |   👎 No  |  ❌ Abstain

Details of the voting can be seen by clicking on Vote details.

Changing a vote 

You can change your vote for 1 hour after casting it. Every time you change your vote you will have another hour to change. After this hour, your vote is fixed.

See also: Initiating a Vote / poll in a discussion

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