Our applications are installed via the web. These web based apps allow us to work across multiple devices and ensure you are always on the latest version without the need to update via the app store.

You must first sign in before you can install the app on desktop and mobile

Desktop App

Once you are signed in, click the Install Knowa button in the address bar. We advise using either Chrome or Microsoft Edge:


Microsoft Edge

Mobile & Tablet App

You can add the Knowa app icon to your mobile home screen for a better app-like experience and giving you a simple shortcut direct to the platform.

iPhone and iPad

  • Open Knowa in the Safari app (Note that this will only work with Safari)
  • Tap the share icon (on iPhones this is at the bottom of the screen)
  • Tap Add to Home Screen



  • Open Knowa in Chrome
  • Once you are signed in, you will be given the option to Add Knowa to Home screen

Other Android browsers

  • If you are using another browser, tap then three dots and Add to Home Screen (Firefox is Add Page Shortcut)
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