A list of everyone in a Space can be found in the People tab.

There are three type of people in a Space: Ā Admins, Members, Guests.

Space Guests

Guests are likely to be advisers and other limited access users. Guests can only:

  • Access Groups they are specifically added to
  • See everyone and everything in the Groups they are added to
  • Chat directly with everyone in the Groups they are added to

Space MembersĀ 

Members are general users and are likely to be employees, board directors etc. Members can:

  • See and chat with everyone in the space (plus connected spaces)
  • Ask to join all Groups
  • Access and view everything in Groups they are added to
  • Create, edit and archive everything in their Groups
  • Add and remove people from their groups

Space AdminsĀ 

...can also:

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